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Hello friends,
I just came back from vacation, and i spent so much time running everywhere, visiting everything, and never sleeping, that i feel like i don't have any energy left, and to think that i have to start working next week... T_T
I have made a LOT of new brushes, textures and graphics but i will post them later, For know i have a lot of news to catch on *omgyunhoinadramaomg* and a lot of new stuff to read, so i just wanted to make a new post to let everyone know that :

NO, i'm not completely dead yet.

DongBang icons

Yay, first dongbang icons post! <3
some are a little old, some are new but all were never posted before.

32 DBSK icons: jae/yunho/junsu/yoochun/changmin/the band/yunjae.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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celtic ornaments brushes

16 celtic ornaments brushes made in PS CS2.
Image pack included.
credit is lovely.
Let me know if you are interested by a celtic frames and borders brushes set?


Get them here!


Repetitives textures.

8 large/medium .JPEG files.


Get them!

Credit is lovely.
Comment if you like them. (or even if you don't :])


Playing with a dancer.

I found this gorgeous belly dancers picture while searching for wedding dresses at google image 8D.
I played with it a bit and got 12 icons and a header.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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Arabesque borders set.

16 Arabesque borders brushes made in CS2.

Get Them!

credit is lovely.
Comments help making new sets faster.^^


Ribbons and scrolls brushes (2sets)

hello ^^
I mad the big brushes first and then, thought about making icon-sized ones... Hope they are useful :)

get them!

get them!

Credit is lovely.
Comments are very very appreciated ^^


2 Brushes sets

I just decided to try making brushes, so these two sets are my firsts ever. I hope you like them =]

Get the set!

Get the set!

Making brushes is definitely fun! More sets are to come soon ^^
Credit is lovely!
Comments are very much appreciated <3


In honor of yunho's birthday

I'm so late!O_o
I made this graphic for him few days ago and didn't post it anywhere. Well, happy birthday yunnie! you are the greatest leader ever, and you so deserve all the love and respect for being such an awesome person. Yunho i love you <3

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My resources list

My resources

I'll post all of my resources links in this post. It will often be updated with new links.
Thanks to all the textures/brushes/patterns/gradients/etc. makers, you guys are awsome ^^

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